Important events that preceded the dissolution of Parliament in 1962 and the coup of March 28: A joint Syrian-Iraqi communiqué stipulating the establishment of military, political and economic defense cooperation, and irrigation projects and the Euphrates Dam. 23/2: Abdel Nasser delivers a speech on the occasion of the anniversary of the union, in which amazing details were included from the files that she kept throughout the years of unity about the American contacts with Speaker of the House of Representatives Mamoun al-Kuzbari and Lotfi al-Haffar, in which the mediator was Abd al-Karim al-Dandashi -26/2; The session of the Syrian House of Representatives, in which Prime Minister Maarouf Al-Dawalibi and MP Abdel Karim Al-Dandashy responded to Abdel Nasser's speech - 10/3; An article by Hassanein Heikal in Al-Ahram newspaper calling for “a toughening of Arab disputes, so that the right position achieves its victory” - 15/3; The date on which the meeting of the Joint Defense Council was supposed to take place, which was canceled by the Secretary-General of the Arab League, and Syria sends a delegation to the Soviet Union - 16-17/3: Major Israeli attacks on the demilitarized area in order to follow up on the project of diverting the Jordan River and the wonderful steadfastness of the Syrian army - 3/21 ; A joint Iraqi-Syrian statement calls on the Arab countries to assume their responsibilities because of Israel's growing danger and its continuation of its aggressive projects (the diversion of the Jordan River).

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